Meet the Mayoral Candidates: Bill de Blasio

August 23, 2013

NBC 4 New York profiled Bill, and it's a great piece. Take a look!




New Yorkers for de Blasio TV ad: "Dignity"

August 19, 2013


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"There are hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who've never experienced stop and frisk. Chirlane and I have talked to Dante many times about the fact that some day you will be stopped. Parents all over this city are having that conversation with their kids. I wish everyone could see through the eyes of every other parent. These are all our children."

Bill de Blasio is the only candidate to end a stop-and-frisk era that targets minorities, and the only one who will tax the rich to fund after-school programs that keep our kids safe.

The only one. Learn more:


Rev. Michael A. Walrond Endorses Bill de Blasio

August 14, 2013


Rev. Michael A. Walrond Endorses Bill de Blasio


Bill de Blasio: "It's Time to End the Tale of Two Cities"

August 14, 2013


On August 13th, Bill appeared on stage in the first major TV debate with the other candidates for mayor. Take a look at highlights from the debate, what New Yorkers had to say about Bill, and why the choice in this election is so clear.


New Yorkers for de Blasio TV Ad: "Dante"

August 8, 2013


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"Bill de Blasio is the only Democrat with the guts to really break from the Bloomberg years. The only one who will raise taxes on the rich to fund early childhood and after-school programs. He's got the boldest plan to build affordable housing. And he's the only one who will end a stop-and-frisk era that unfairly targets people of color."

Find out why Bill de Blasio will be a mayor for every New Yorker, no matter what they look like, or where they live:


Bill de Blasio's Emerging Industries Tour, Day 5 - Immigrant-Owned Small Businesses

August 15, 2013


Check out a behind the scenes view of day 5 on Bill's Emerging Industries Tour in Forest Hills at Haveli Restaurant. Read Bill's plan -- "A Global City of Opportunity--A Progressive Vision for Immigrant Small Businesses" -- here: HTTP://BLAS.IO/SMBS


Bill de Blasio's Emerging Industries Tour, Day 4 - Film and TV

August 15, 2013


Check out a behind the scenes view of day 5 on Bill's Emerging Industries Tour at Broadway Stages in Greenpoint. Read Bill's plan -- "A Global City of Opportunity--A Progressive Vision for the Film & TV Industries in New York City" -- here: HTTP://BLAS.IO/FILM


Bill de Blasio's Emerging Industries Tour Stop 3: Manufacturing

August 8, 2013


Check out a behind the scenes view of day 3 on Bill's Emerging Industries Tour at Greenpoint metal fabricator Milgo Bufkin. Read Bill's plan -- "A Progressive Vision for Industrial Development in New York City" -- here: HTTP://BLAS.IO/MANUFACTURING


Bill de Blasio's Emerging Industries Tour Stop 2: Workforce Development

August 6, 2013


On Tuesday, August 6th, Bill continued The Emerging Industries Tour at Per Scholas, an IT workforce development nonprofit that helps students in NYC learn the skills they need for jobs in the tech sector. Find out how Bill would invest in local workforce development: HTTP://BLAS.IO/WFDEV


Bill de Blasio's Emerging Industries Tour Stop 1: Technology

August 6, 2013


On Monday, August 5th, Bill kicked off the Emerging Industries Tour at Mobile Commons, an innovative technology firm in DUMBO that enables organizations and causes to use mass mobile communication to organize and advocate. Following along:


Team de Blasio

August 2, 2013


Join the team:
Bill de Blasio stopped by the West 4th Basketball Courts on Friday, July 26th to cheer on "The de Blasios" basketball team in their last game of the regular season at the Kenny Graham West Fourth Street Tournament. "The de Blasios" named their team after Bill de Blasio because of his plan to increase taxes on the rich to fun early childhood education for every child and safe after-school programs for every middle schooler across the five boroughs.
"A lot of the players here got their start in after-school programs. That is what made the difference for them. That's what gave them a chance."  


Save New York City's Hospitals

August 2, 2013


Instead of asking if we should keep New York City's community hospitals open for care, we need to ask how. Bill's proposing a Health Authority in Brooklyn that would combine city and state resources and regulatory power to ensure that no hospital closes, and that each can provide the health care we need now and in the future. If we get this right in Brooklyn, we could use the same approach to save hospitals across the five boroughs. This could even be a model for the country.  



Bill de Blasio para Alcalde

August 1, 2013


Hoy, en Nueva York, estamos viviendo una Historia de Dos Ciudades. En un Nueva York, Wall Street está obteniendo ganancias de récord, y se están construyendo condominios de lujo todos los días. Pero en el otro Nueva York, casi la mitad de nuestra ciudad vive a nivel o cerca de la pobreza. Millones luchan simplemente para poder pagar su alquiler o su seguro médico. La semana pasada, yo me uní a protestantes en la lucha por mantener un hospital público local abierto, y en un acto de desobediencia civil, me sometí a un arresto voluntariamente. Vamos a mantener esta lucha -- y la lucha a través de nuestra ciudad, en los cinco condados, para traer justicia de vuelta a Nueva York. Soy Bill de Blasio, y soy candidato a Alcalde. Si usted cree en nuestra lucha para obtener justicia económica, por favor visite hoy. Muchas gracias. Un lider progresista que logrará que NY sea una ciudad para todos nosotros -- no sólo para los adinerados y aquellos en Wall Street.  



Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro: "Bill de Blasio is the True Progressive"

July 23, 2013


On Saturday, July 27th, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (the hippest Member of Congress), headlined an event for Bill de Blasio's grassroots supporters at Rosco's Pizza in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. From universal paid sick days, investments in public education, and solutions to address income inequality, Rep. DeLauro cited many of the reasons Bill de Blasio is the true progressive in the race and is the progressive leader New York City needs.  



Queens for de Blasio

July 26, 2013


Find out why your neighbors in Queens are with the true progressive in the race, and sign up to join them today:  



Bill de Blasio Calls on Anthony Weiner to Withdraw

July 23, 2013


Bill de Blasio Calls on Anthony Weiner to Withdraw from the race to become mayor of New York City.



Governor Howard Dean Endorses Bill de Blasio

July 18, 2013


Governor Howard Dean endorsed Bill de Blasio as the true progressive candidate at a campaign event on Thursday, July 18.  



State Senator Bill Perkins Endorses Bill de Blasio

July 20, 2013


On Saturday, July 18, State Senator Bill Perkins endorsed Bill de Blasio for Mayor. Join State Senator Perkins and join New Yorkers for de Blasio:



Howard Dean Screams for Bill de Blasio

July 18, 2013



On Thursday, July 18th, Governor Dean hosted an event for Bill de Blasio's grassroots supporters, where he reenacted the infamous Dean Scream with a special de Blasio-twist.

Join Howard Dean in supporting the true progressive in the race. Join Team de Blasio:



Term Limits

July 16, 2013


Speaker Quinn changed her stance on term limits to give the mayor a third term. Now, she's running to be Bloomberg's fourth term. Find out more at



Bill de Blasio discusses racial profiling in NYC at Harlem's First Corinthian Baptist Church

July 15, 2013



On Sunday, July 14th, hours after learning the verdict in the trail of George Zimmerman, Bill de Blasio attended the Sunday worship service at First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem. Pastor Walrond invited Bill to address the congregation during the service.



Bill de Blasio and Yvette Clarke speak at PDPA's Caribbean Heritage Month Celebration

June 24, 2013


Bill de Blasio and Yvette Clark speak at the Progressive Democrats Political Association's Caribbean Heritage Month Celebration.  



Bill de Blasio Dominates NY1 Debate

June 20, 2013


Bill de Blasio emerged as the clear progressive choice at the second televised debate on June 19th. Take a look at some key moments from the debate, and then say you stand with Bill.



Bill de Blasio

June 10, 2013


"Something I feel very strongly is you've got to treat your family and the other people in your life with a lot of love and respect and you've got to treat the society around you the same way. I know people who've done one, but not the other. And I really resolved very early on to try and do both."

Watch the video, then say you stand with Bill:

Directed by: Shal Ngo

Produced by: Acres



Bill de Blasio for Mayor: 100 Days to Election

June 7, 2013


100 days from now, Tuesday, September 10th, the polls will be open and New Yorkers will decide who becomes the Democratic nominee for mayor. Sign up to help your neighborhood team collect signatures to ensure Bill's name is on the ballot we get to fill out in 100 days.



Russell Simmons: "I want Bill de Blasio to be the next Mayor of NYC"

May 13, 2013


Russell Simmons is supporting Bill de Blasio for NYC Mayor. Join Russell Simmons and say you're on Team de Blasio:



Tell Christine Quinn It's Time for Real Stop and Frisk Reform

May 3, 2013


Christine Quinn stands with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on Stop and Frisk tactics. Under Ray Kelly, almost 2,000 New Yorkers are stopped and frisked every day. Around 84% of men stopped are young men of color. Only 1.2% of stops turn up a weapon. On Wednesday, Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "African Americans are being understopped."

Tell Christine Quinn it's time for real stop-and-frisk reform:



Real Reform

May 2, 2013


Stand with Bill de Blasio and tell Speaker Quinn: it's time to end the corrupting influence of Member Items:




March 28, 2013


83% of New Yorkers support paid sick day relief. Here are some of the reasons why. What's your reason? Go to to share. Together, we can ensure that no New Yorker is left behind. is a project of New Yorkers for de Blasio.



An Answer

March 20, 2013


City Council Speaker Christine Quinn ended her announcement for Mayor with an ask of New Yorkers: "Come out and walk and talk with me. Tell me what you want City Hall to do."

We took Speaker Quinn up on her offer. Turns out New Yorkers have a simple answer: pass a real paid sick leave bill. Watch the video and then stand with the majority of New Yorkers and tell Speaker Quinn: stop delaying and bring paid sick days to a vote today:



I'm Running for Mayor

March 12, 2013


On a cold day in January, Bill stood on the front porch of his home in Brooklyn and announced to hundreds of supporters gathered outside that he was running for mayor of New York City. Take a look at his announcement video and sign up to help send a true progressive to City Hall:



Women for de Blasio

March 12, 2013


On Sunday, March 10th, over 200 women from all five boroughs gathered to celebrate the launch of Women for de Blasio and map out the road ahead. Take a look at their stories and then sign up to join them: March 11, 2013

On Sunday, March 10th, 2013, over 200 women from every borough gathered for the official launch of Women for de Blasio. Take a look at trailblazing activist Bertha Lewis make the case for why New York City needs Bill de Blasio, and why the "Sisters for de Blasio" are the organizing force to make it happen. Then sign up to be a part of Women for de Blasio:



Feb 7, 2013 CVW Presser

February 7, 2013


Bill speaks at a press conference on behalf of the Communication Workers of America.