Reverend Michael Walrond, Jr. Endorses Bill

Emma | August 13, 2013


Team de Blasio is thrilled to announce the team's latest endorsement: Reverend Michael Walrond, Jr. Reverend Walrond is the seventh Senior Pastor of the historic First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York, and has worked tirelessly to build an innovative and ground-breaking ministry with a commitment to social justice. He played a vital role in getting the ‘New York City Living Wage’ legislation passed through City Council, and currently serves as a board member of the National Action Network. Check out Reverend Walrond's statement on Bill:

“Bill de Blasio is my choice for Mayor based on his track record and his vision," said Reverend Michael Walrond, Jr.. "To end the overuse and abuse of stop-and-frisk, we must elect a mayor who is committed to real reform. Bill de Blasio is such a leader. Bill would eliminate the burdensome impact of overly-aggressive tactics that force a needless wedge between the NYPD and many communities across our city. He is the only candidate who would create an Inspector General for the NYPD and support a racial profiling ban to keep cops and residents safe. I support his vision for keeping our communities safe while still respecting the civil rights and liberties of all New Yorkers."

Stand with Reverend Walrond Jr. Join Team de Blasio today.