Bill Starts the Minimum Wage Challenge

Emma | July 22, 2013


Today, Bill’s starting a week-long challenge to see if he can survive on just $92 for the week — a daily reality for New Yorkers who are living on minimum wage. We’ll be documenting Bill’s purchases — from breakfast, lunch and dinner to metro cards and gas receipts — to see if he can spend less than $14 a day for the entire week.

Bill said that he's taking part in the challenge because he wants to make sure New Yorkers understand that $7.25 an hour is not enough — and "there is no clearer and more eye-opening way to demonstrate this than to show how impossible it is to get by on just $7.25 an hour in the most expensive city in America. If we as leaders want to represent the people of our city, than we must do what we can to understand the hardships people face, and the urgency in finding ways to lift more New Yorkers out of poverty and into the middle class."

Want to see how he does? Follow along on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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