September 30,  2013


Brooklyn, NY – The New York Times today detailed Joe Lhota's life-long adulation of extreme conservative Barry Goldwater. Here are 10 facts about the man credited as the father of the modern conservative movement: 

1. Goldwater Explicitly Supported GOP Extremism and Denounced Moderation: “Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice.” [THNRK, “Father of Conservative ‘Extremism’”, 8/27/2012]

2. Goldwater Opposed the Brown vs. Board of Education Court Decision, Stating Racial Segregation in Mississippi and South Carolina is “Their Business, Not Mine.” [History News Network, “Barry Goldwater and the Civil Rights Acts: The Antecedent to Rand Paul”

3. Goldwater Voted Against Civil Rights Act of 1964. [NY Times, “Civil Rights Bill Passed, 73-27; Johnson Urges All To Comply; Dirksen Berates Goldwater,” 6/19/1964]

4. Goldwater Claimed the Civil Rights Act Was Unconstitutional and Would Promote Racial Intolerance, Opening the Door to a “Police-State System of Enforcement” [, “Barry Goldwater for President 1964 Campaign Brochure: “Barry Goldwater Speaks Out for a Stronger America”]

5. Goldwater Supported the Use of Nuclear Weapons in Vietnam. [Journal of Strategic Studies, “Nuclear Weapons in Vietnam,” 8/2006]

6. Goldwater Explicitly Aimed to Reduce the Size of Government and Repeal Laws. [NY Times, “Barry Goldwater, Conservative and Individualist, Dies at 89,” 5/29/1998

7. Goldwater Considered American Labor Leaders More Dangerous than the Soviet Union. [NY Times, “Barry Goldwater, Conservative and Individualist, Dies at 89,” 5/29/1998]

8. Goldwater Refused to Condemn McCarthyism. [NY Times, “Barry Goldwater, Conservative and Individualist, Dies at 89,” 5/29/1998]

9. Goldwater Condemned Non-Violent Protests, Calling Them Nothing More Than a “Fable” and Inherently Violent. [The Bulletin, “‘Non-violent’ protest just a fable,” 8/23/1966]

10. Goldwater Advocated Leaving the United Nations After China’s Entry to the Organization. [St. Petersburg Evening Independent, “Red China  Will Ruin U.N.: Barry,” 1/22/64]

Today's article cites Goldwater as one of Lhota's "intellectual forebears" and "boyhood hero" and describes Lhota as a "lifelong conservative" who adheres to the discredited, favor-the-wealthy economic theory of "supply-side economics". [NY Times, "Lhota Seeks to Persuade a Liberal City to Elect a Disciple of Goldwater", 9/30/2013]


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