On Every Issue, Bill de Blasio is the True Progressive Choice

“It's really good for NYC to have Bill De Blasio running an unapologetic progressive campaign for mayor.” -- Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes

“De Blasio so far has the most substantive proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy... This is a critical component of any serious plan to address inequality, and must be on the table.” -- Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor of The Nation

“Bill de Blasio is a candidate in the LaGuardia mold -- a progressive with bold and humane ideas who is not afraid to take a stand for the people of New York City. I am supporting Bill because he'll be a mayor for all New Yorkers -- a mayor like my grandfather.” -- Katherine LaGuardia, MD, MPH

“I think Bill de Blasio is the person who’s got integrity, who’s got vision, who’s got coherence... What people really want... is an empathetic mayor who gets it and is willing to stand up for his principles, and that person is de Blasio.” -- Governor Howard Dean

“His campaign is easily the most intellectually coherent and focused when it comes to inequality” -- Chris Smith, New York Magazine

“De Blasio is the genuine progressive in the race.” -- Joan Walsh, editor of Salon.com and MSNBC political analyst

Affordable Housing: Bill has a plan to build and preserve nearly 200,000 units of affordable housing – the most expansive vision of any candidate.

“He is a principled champion of working people, and has the strongest vision for the future of our city, including good jobs, affordable housing, and quality education and healthcare for all.” George Gresham, President of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East

Public Safety: Bill is the only candidate to support appointing a new police commissioner, creating an independent Inspector General (IG) for the NYPD, and passing a ban on racial profiling.

“Too many young men are having their dignity denied when they are stopped and frisked simply because of what they look like or where they live. But New Yorkers get each other’s back, and I know that we can heal the inequality keeping this city apart. We just need a leader with the strength and the compassion to bring it back together. Bill de Blasio is the only person willing to do what it takes to make sure that New York City is a place where people who want to live, and work, and raise a family have a shot at making their life better.” Russel Simmons, activist and hip hop mogul

Paid Sick Leave: Despite three years of pushback from Speaker Quinn, Bill de Blasio kept up the fight for paid sick leave. As mayor, he will expand upon the watered down deal that eventually passed, which left behind over 300,000 New Yorkers.

“His leadership and his vision for what he sees for this city in terms of health care and our hospitals, I think, is absolutely key.” - Harry Belafonte, entertainer, human rights activist, and advisor to Martin Luther King Jr.

“He has consistently stood side-by-side with caregivers for quality healthcare and issues that matter most to working families.” -- George Gresham, President of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East

Taxing the Wealthy and Education: Bill is the only candidate to propose taxing the wealthy to institute universal pre-K and expand after-school programs for all middle school students.

“It's time for a change. Bill de Blasio knows that he must rebuild the city's school system so that there is a good public school in every neighborhood. I endorse his plan to ask the wealthy to pay a little more in taxes so the city can provide universal pre-Kindergarten for all 4-year-olds and more after-school programs for middle-school students who need them. I am proud to stand with Bill de Blasio for a better New York City. Bill de Blasio understands that the mayor must stand up for all 1.1 million students in the New York City school system and make the system function well for all of them.” - Diane Ravitch

“He identifies with working families. He understands the income disparity that exists today in our society and wants to do something about it. It’s about public education and his kids go to public school.” - Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

“He understands the power of education to transform lives and the importance of making sure our public schools are at a place where all New York City’s children get the education that they deserve. There is a lot of hype from politicians about improving education, or making our streets safer, making housing more affordable, but here’s the hard truth: The only way that any of this is possible is if people like me, those who have found success, are asked to do a little bit more. Bill de Blasio is the only one asking. He’s got my support.” - Russel Simmons, activist and hip hop mogul

Living Wage: Bill supports an expanded living wage that reaches more workers, as opposed to Speaker Quinn’s watered down legislation that only covers 400-500 New Yorkers.

“We needed my grandfather to help lead us out of the Depression, and we need a brave and principled leader with real vision now. In his second Inaugural Address, my grandfather put forth a metric by which society should measure its progress: ‘The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. Bill de Blasio knows that the test then must be our test today. He is ready to step forward to meet it.” - Franklin Delano Roosevelt III, grandson of President FDR

Campaign Finance: Bill has been the most vocal candidate opposing the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which opened the floodgates for secret outside money to enter our election system.

Municipal IDs: From creating municipal ID cards to investigating detainee abuse, Bill has the strongest and most consistent record standing up for immigrants’ rights.

Member Items: Member item funding in City Council has long been used to circumvent democracy and exacerbate the unjust allocation of public money. Bill has called for a ban on this dangerous discretionary spending. Instead, he will expand participatory budgeting, which will allow communities to decide how to spend their money on the local level.

Transparency: As Public Advocate, Bill has been a staunch advocate of transparency and open government, disclosing meetings with lobbyists and setting up an online tracker for Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests.

“We are endangering our country because we aren’t making sure that people have a reason to believe in the system. And the greater that gap between the top and the bottom gets, the bigger problem that we have maintaining a country where people believe that they can succeed, and when a large enough people believe that they can’t succeed and the system doesn’t work for them anymore then the whole country got trouble. Bill de Blasio is one of the few people I know in politics who gets that.” -- Governor Howard Dean

Economic Inequality: Central to Bill’s candidacy is the idea that New York has become a “Tale of Two Cities.” Transferring corporate subsidies to the CUNY system and equipping small businesses and workers with the skills necessary to compete for jobs in the 21st century are two ways in which he will comprehensively level the playing field as mayor.

"Bill de Blasio has laid out an agenda demonstrating that we can do so much better than we have been. As he has said, 'We are the keepers of the flame of inclusion and tolerance and diversity.' We can strengthen our commitment to these values—and our city’s economy at the same time. And in doing so, we will enrich our community, enhance social cohesion, making our city an even better place in which to live and work. We will even strengthen our democracy. This has been the central message of my own work. Bill de Blasio is the candidate most committed, most able to bring these ideas and ideals into practice. I am pleased to support him." -- Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz

"Bill de Blasio has rightly described NYC as a tale of two cities. The rich city is booming; the poor one is holding on for dear life. This is not only unfair but also deeply unwise. One united city, with quality schools and health care, with a safe physical environment, and with a path for all its kids -- rich and poor -- to gain skills and decent jobs, will be an even more vibrant city than the one we know and love. To get there, we need a mayor who knows and cares about the truth at both ends of the income distribution, and about the need to respect and protect the natural environment. De Blasio is the one." -- Economist Jeffrey Sachs

"New York has seen great prosperity since my grandfather's time, but too many are being left behind. While almost 400,000 millionaires call this city home, 46% of its residents live at or near the poverty line. This Tale of Two Cities we're living doesn't reflect the values great New Yorkers like my grandfather advanced -- and it's the job of the next mayor to do something about it. There is only one candidate who will: Bill de Blasio." -- Katherine LaGuardia, MD, MPH


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