A Humane City for New York's Animals

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Bill de Blasio believes we can do more to ensure New York City’s animals receive humane treatment.


Bill de Blasio’s Vision For a More Humane City

Replace Carriage Horses with Vintage Tourist-Friendly Vehicles in Parks

Bill de Blasio will end the inhumane treatment of carriage horses and supports an immediate ban on abuse of carriage horses. We can provide a humane retirement of all New York City carriage horses to sanctuaries, and replace them with electric, vintage-replica tourist-friendly vehicles that provide jobs for current drivers.

Bring More Shelter Animals Into People’s Homes

Bill de Blasio supports tougher regulation of law that bans the sale of animals produced in cruel and inhumane puppy mills. With so many animals without homes, we need to promote placement of shelter animals. Bill de Blasio also supports state legislation that will give local governments the authority to more effectively regulate pet dealers.

Improve Animal Care and Control of AC&C

AC&C, the organization that runs the NYC shelter system under contract with the city, has not been effectively achieving its mission of rescuing, caring for and finding loving homes for the city’s homeless and abandoned animals. Following recommendations outlined in Borough President Scott Stringer’s 2013 report on Animal Care and Control, Bill de Blasio will restructure the organization as an independent non-profit with policy controlled by the city but including a dedicated board of directors with committed stakeholders that can effectively raise new revenue.


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