One New York, Rising Together

In so many ways, New York has become a Tale of Two Cities.

Nearly 400,000 millionaires call New York home, while nearly half of our neighbors live at or near the poverty line. Our middle class isn’t just shrinking; it’s in danger of vanishing altogether.

Addressing the crisis of income inequality isn’t a small task. But if we are to thrive as a city, it must be at the very center of our vision for the next four years.

During my time in public office, I've taken on unscrupulous landlords; protected children who were victims of neglect and abuse; battled the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics; fought to repair broken policing policies; and championed working family issues like paid sick leave and living wage laws.

As mayor, I will spend every waking moment fighting to bring opportunity to every New Yorker — with a plan to create jobs in all five boroughs; a dramatic expansion of affordable housing and accessible health care; increas-ing taxes on the wealthy to fund early childhood and after-school programs; and building police-community relations that keep everyone safer.

That’s not simply a plan for tackling the inequality crisis. It’s my solemn commitment to every resident of the city we all love so much.

In the chapters below, you will also read about my ideas for a sustainable environment, better transit, the rights of new Americans, reforming our government so it is as great as our city, protecting vulnerable populations and continuing the fight for full equality for all New Yorkers.

New Yorkers have a choice in front of us. I ask you to help me build one New York, where we all rise together.

- Bill de Blasio

Click here to download or view a PDF version of Bill's vision for New York and framework for addressing inequality: One New York, Rising Together.

Jobs for All New Yorkers, Growth for All Neighborhoods

Preparing Every Student For Success

Safe Streets, Safe Neighborhoods Across New York City

Safe, Affordable Homes For All New Yorkers

Better Transit For New York City

A Safer, More Accessible City For All Immigrants

Protecting Income and Food Security for Low-Income New Yorkers

Quality, Affordable Health Care For All New Yorkers

Progressive Vision for New York City's Emerging Industries

A Framework For A Sustainable City

LGBT Equality For All New Yorkers

Standing With the Women of New York City

Protecting New York’s Seniors

A Humane City for New York City’s Animals

Rebuilding A Stronger And More Resilient City After Sandy


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